Wednesday, October 1, 2008

50 Ways to Westernize Your Wedding

1. Use regular size hay bales for seating.
2. Use regular size hay bales stacked as the backdrop for the ceremony.
3. Galvanized buckets of sunflowers sitting around or on tables.
4. Use sunflowers, wildflowers, wild violets, daisies or wild roses for your flowers.
5. Use white enamelware trays for food.
6. Create a table arrangement on an enamelware tray.
7. Use bandana print, denim blue material or faux leather to cover tables.
8. Mini hay bales, mini cowboy hats, hand coiled lariat ropes, cow bells, real or plastic horseshoes can be used on tables.
9. Make horseshoe, cowboy hat or cowboy boot shaped place cards.
10. Use a real or galvanized cowboy hat with an arrangement for table decorations.
11. May use Cowboy boots filled with wild flowers to sit around or on tables.
12. Coil ropes and hang in strategic places.
13. Rope can be used many ways in your decorations.
14. Cowboy hat bubbles are a fun favor for the kids.
15. Mini galvanized tub candles will add to the western spirit.
16. Use a galvanized flower girl bucket instead of the traditional flower girl basket.
17. The flower girl bucket could be used to hold beverages or arrangements on the tables.
18. Westernize your guest book and pen set.
19. Use boot-shaped glasses for your toast.
20. Use a western cake server set.
21. Cake topper tubs (made with the galvanized tubs) are used on the wedding cake or the groom’s cake.
22. Tie favors up in bandana print or burlap bags.
23. A money/dance bag constructed of a burlap bag with cowboy hats.
24. Western-shaped soap favors for the guests.
25. Black tea light lanterns hanging from trees, sitting on tables or on the ground lighting the aisle.
26. Use sunflower heads instead of rose petals.
27. Scatter sunflower heads on the tables.
28. Cowboy hat boutonnieres for the grooms and groomsmen.
29. Cowboy hat boutonnieres may be used as corsages for the people of honor in your wedding party.
30. Ice beverages down in large galvanized tubs.
31. If serving finger foods – use cookie cutters to cut out western-shaped sandwiches or western cookies.
32. Use galvanized buckets filled with trail mix or peanuts on the groom’s table.
33. Serve barbeque for the reception.
34. Decorate your bouquets and pew bows with mini cowboy hats or mini horseshoes.
35. A horseshoe shaped cake for the groom’s table.
36. Ask guests to dress casually in western wear.
37. Request country music from the DJ.
38. Fill mini cowboy hats with birdseed & tie in tulle.
39. Arrange for a horse/carriage instead of a limo for transportation to and from the venue.
40. Tie your birdseed in bandanas instead of tulle.
41. If the bride is a barrel racer, incorporate some barrels in your decorations.
42. Have a destination wedding in an old west town.
43. Use beans in a burlap bag with a western bean recipe for a favor.
44. Look for a barn or a beautiful pasture for your venue.
45. The father may lead a horse with the bride atop to the ceremony.
46. The bride and groom may opt to leave on the horse riding together into the sunset.
47. For favors consider using mini galvanized buckets filled with corn nuts, peanuts, beef jerky and slim jims.
48. Mini round galvanized tubs with wild flower arrangements to sit around on the tables.
49. Use wooden benches or wrought iron benches for seating.
50. Construct an arbor of old barnwood, cover in vines, flowers, vines & flowers, or accent with western items, such as rope or coiled ropes. Set hay bales on the sides with buckets of flowers.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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