Friday, June 5, 2009

Stubb's BBQ Giveaway ~ Ending Tonight

I'm from the South and BBQ is what we do! Fire up the grill and get ready! The Cookie Girl is having a fantastic giveaway. But, you need to hurry! The offer ends tonight at midnight....don't miss your chance to win a whole case of Stubb's sauces! This is a BBQ lovers dream! Ms. Cookie Girl gives you several ways to gain more run over over to her fabulous blogs and ENTER! When you visit her Cookie Girl Creations blog, be sure to take advantage of the cookie recipes she offers....after all...she is the Cookie Girl (Queen). I love the name of her new blog...Frying Bacon Naked She is posting recipes on this blog, too.

To enter the Stubb's BBQ Giveaway visit Frying Bacon Naked.

I've followed all the rules....sure hope I win!

Good luck to everyone and thank you Cookie Girl for such a fanastic opportunity!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ABC's of the Word....Q

Grey Like Snuffie is hosting ABC's of the Word, please visit her site to view other scriptures.

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse." Romans 1:8

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday ~ Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks


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Nannie lets me dig in the dirt at the edge of the woods, as long as she is outside with me. I'm beginning to tire of digging by myself. Oh boy, here comes Lily...hmmm..wonder if.....

She looks like she wants to play, don't you think?

Now, Lily you must get your head down there a little closer so you can see what you're doing.

Maybe this is what he is wanting me to do...smell the ground?!

This is what he wants....hmmmm...this is lots of fun. I think this is kind of like burying a bone!

Bone! There may be a bone in this hole....that or a mole! Either way....I'm getting it!

Okay, Skeet let's get out of here! Lily's busy digging so we can escape! We're off to the great outdoors....I know how much you love to ride!

Wordless Wednesday ~ Water

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Memories

Three little girls on a warm summer day,
Asked Grannie what should we do…what game can we play,
Being a wise woman accustomed to young lasses,
She spread out a blanket on the soft, green grasses.
Plopping on their little bellies the giggles ensue,
They roll to their backs gazing at the sky wondering what to do.

Hey, that cloud looks like a bear,
No…it’s a buffalo, I declare.
The hours passed as we watched and pondered,
The shifting, wafting shapes changing as we wondered,
Soft, fluffy, billowy, wispy…floating so high above,
Did they get up there on the wings of a dove?

They had heard of “on the wings of a snow white dove”.
That must be how they got so very high above.
This mystery was more than they could figure out,
Grannie called them to lunch with a shout,
You girls can play again after while,
Skipping, running, jumping to Grannie with a smile.

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Good luck and may one of my blog reading brides win the wonderful honeymoon package!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blue Monday - Daydreaming

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After such a rainy May, this day turned out beautiful. I couldn't help looking at the clouds and the way the sunshine makes the sky look so blue. I had my head in the clouds all day.

After looking at the sky, I began to remember the days gone by. The many days as a child, when my cousins and I would spread a blanket on the grass. We spent hours looking at the sky, the clouds and sharing our secrets. Those were the days. We had no problems....the days seemed endless...time stood still.

These memories are even more precious as one of the cousin trio was killed by a drunken driver on Labor Day Weekend 2007. I will always reflect on those days and the precious time the three of us shared. A day of warmth, sunshine, blue sky with scattered clouds brings back those times of wonder, love, trust and friendship.

I imagine her looking down upon us saying, "What do you see?" That was our favorite cloud game. Oh, cheap fun...before the days of video games, cell phones and computers.

This post didn't start out to tell of all of this, but this is what was on my mind and what the pictures bring to mind. Days gone by. Hope you enjoy my cloud pictures. I know you may think I am sad, but I'm not. She was a wonderful person, full of life and love. She was a very forgiving person and would have forgiven the person that cost her the very life she loved. So, in talking of her and the memories I have of those times - I'm not being sad - I'm celebrating her life and our memories. She is in God's Hands now and looking down through these beautiful clouds. I can hear her laughter and feel her love.

Thanks for coming by and reading my post. Happy Blue Monday!

Great Giveaway at Monkey Bizness

Monkey Bizness

If you like to read, be sure to go by Monkey Bizness. Linda is giving away one paperback book, one hardcover book and 1 handmade cloth book cover. Hurry over and check out the details, she tells which books and gives a description of each...the giveway will be over on June 5th.