Wednesday, January 13, 2010

John Deere Green

We happen to love John Deere Equipment - many farms would not be complete without their John Deere tractor and then you have all of the logging operations that depend upon John Deere for their equipment needs.

We have created our version of the John Deere cake topper - Down on the Farm. These toppers have been quite popular for groom's cakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes and some people have wanted them to add in with a centerpiece.

If you love John Deere green and need a cake topper for your special day - we hope that you will visit us and consider ours.

We have many country/western cake toppers and favors to choose from. If you want something a little different...just ask. We will be happy to work with you.

Outdoor Wednesday

To continue on with my explorations of the state of Arizona. While viewing the Grand Canyon, I started to look around at the trees and plants growing in this area. We took a walk down a path along the rim of the canyon. No, I did not ride a mule down the canyon & we did not hike it! We arrived at that point too late in the day the first day and the second day was so cold! We visited the last weekend in September. Hubs would have loved to, but the it was such a windy day that we decided to forgo that adventure.

Back to the walk, a leisurely one I might add taken with chattering teeth & wind blowing ninety-to-nothing. I'm accustomed to tall, towering majestic trees and that is not what I was seeing. I'm not sure what this plant is called but it was taller than most of the trees. I was completely amazed by it.

Each state has much to offer & I love exploring or discovering what is unique to the area. Some things may not be unique but they are things that I've not seen in my home state.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Blue Monday - Picnic Guest

This little guy joined my husband & me as we picnicked within site of the Painted Desert. He started off quite a ways out, patiently waiting for any crumbs thrown his way. He would swoop down, capture the tidbit & fly off hiding his treats up in the nearby trees. After a bit, he became very brave...getting closer and closer to us. He became so brave that he would land on the opposite end of the picnic table. Such a busy little fellow...flying to and fro storing up food for later. We provided him with many meals!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scenic Sunday - Holy Dove Chapel

I want to share a little chapel that we stumbled across when we were in Arizona. This is the back view - the little door has a cross window. It is on US Hwy 180 that cuts across from Hwy 64 (the road to the Grand Canyon) to Flagstaff. If you are looking for a remote, quaint spot for a small country wedding - this may just be the perfect location. It is beautiful in this area. Be sure to visit other scenic sunday posts.

This is one of the views from the church yard....split rail fence, meadows, mountains...beautiful!

Time to Regroup

I'm been MIA for quite a while. I hope to blog more this year and visit more of my friend's blogs. As many of you may know my family lost a dear loved one in Nov. of 2009 after a battle with cancer. 2009 was a most difficult year, but there were some high points. My dear precious sweet granddaughter was born Dec. 3rd. What a wonderful gift from God! Miss Kyndall Layne has been a joy and a blessing for all of us.

Well, it's a new year, new goals, new I'm going to get myself in gear and see what is going on in the blogging world.