Saturday, October 11, 2008

The iEmporium Sizzle

The iEmporium Sizzle magazine is full of articles on small businesses - articles relating to starting or running your business. The writers are sharing this valuable information out of the goodness of their hearts. They are members of the iEmporium community. Small businesses are featured along with their promotions and classifieds. You will find discount promo codes for many of the businesses that are advertising. You may possibly find “that item” that you have been searching for in one of these website stores. This month there are articles on keyword optimization, ergonomics, how to start participating at craft shows and much more. If you have time click on the magazine link at the right and check out this free virtual magazine that showcases small businesses.

I am honored to be featured as the Entrepreneur of the Month. Thank you iEmporium Sizzle for choosing me!

Invitation to iEmporium

I would like to invite you to visit This is a wonderful community created by Melissa. The people are friendly, helpful, supportive and willing to help a fellow entrepreneur. You may network, shop, visit or you may promote your own website and products within this community. If you are looking for a place to do anything of these have found it!

The vast array of products avaibable is mind-boggling. There are some very talented, crafty members. Everyone has their own area of expertise. Everyone is willing to help, if you need it. I am a merchant but I have bought from several of the members. All of the experiences have been good. Very professional, but yet friendly...with great customer service.

Melissa works hard to continually upgrade the site and offer the latest technology. She has many ideas and has implemented a store and started a magazine. You will find virtual assistants, writers, artists, jewelers, travel agents, wedding accessories, crochet items, photography, scrapbookers, website builders, business coaching, bakers, and many, many others on this site. We are made of merchants and shoppers. There is something for everyone. This site is a wealth of information. If you would like to join - let me know and I'll be happy to send you an invitation.