Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Many Times Does It Take?!

The phone rings and it is the same automated voice, “This is your last chance to lower your credit card interest”. Now I have interrupted my day on 10 occasions this week to answer the phone and receive this same message. They call both phone lines…taking turns…GIVE UP!!!!
Finally, I’ve had enough. I’ve tried not answering, answering and hanging up….so I give it a shot…I hang on for a FOR REAL LIVE PERSON! Imagine my shock, when I am directed to one immediately. Person says, “Have you just received a call about your credit card”? DUH!! I almost laugh…too funny…why else would I be on the line! I reply sweetly, “Yes, I did and I would appreciate it if you would take me off your calling list”. The person hangs up on me. Go figure! LOL

Fast forward to the today, well not too fast as I received multiple calls each day. Phone rings…I check caller ID…there it is once again…trying not to laugh I hang on once again, determined to get rid of these aggravating, irritating pests who never give up. Well, I answer and the automated person goes through the same little speech…I hang on for a chance at another FOR REAL LIVE PERSON….I get it. LOL The person says, “Did you receive a call about your last chance to lower your credit card interest”? Very sweetly and sarcastically I say, “Yes, I did and I surely hope it is the very last chance! Please remove me from your list….I don’t need my rate lowered as I don’t owe anything!” This one hung up on me, too. You would think I was calling and bugging them! Am I removed....I doubt that I'm that lucky!

Well, four hours have passed and there are no calls….there is always tomorrow. I think I’ll just go back to letting the answering machine get them when they call again. I’m sure they will….you can’t get these people to stop…they don’t understand the concept of NO.

36 Places Offering Free Wedding Websites

You’re getting married! How exciting! There is so much to do and you are beginnng to think you could use some help. Well, help is within a mouse-click! There are many free wedding websites around and I will list a few that I’ve come across. I am not recommending any of them and advise you to read the fine print. I do know people that have used the sites with great success. These are places that host (for free) your very own wedding website.

You may be asking, “What is a free wedding website and why do I need one”? Well, let me tell you some reasons you may want a wedding website. Organization is the first and foremost benefit of having a website. Having all of your details in one location – where you can find them, is a definite plus. You may be hiring a wedding planner…that’s a great idea, but you may still want to keep up with what is going on and share your wedding plans with close friends and relatives.

Here’s a list of features that maybe offered on a wedding website:

*You receive your very own wedding website and a wedding blog.
*Wedding guest list planner.
*Guests may RSVP online.
*Wedding budget planner tool.
*Share your favorite stories – how we met, engagement, etc. with family & friends.
*Keep guests informed about wedding events.
*Family & friends may leave comments or messages on your wedding website or blog.
*Display details about your wedding ceremony & reception.
*Display photos of you & your fiancé, family members and/or bridal party.
*May have multiple photo albums.
*Wedding blog on the updates of your wedding preparations and coming events.
*Create polls or quizzes to find out how well your family & friends know you.
*Create polls for honeymoon suggestions.
*Display details about your honeymoon.
*Display accommodation details for out of town guests – including directions.
*Display local attractions for out of town guests.
*Display gift registries.
*Many third party widgets can be added – such as slide shows.
*Calendar of Events.
*Record Gifts Received.
*Keep track of vendors.
*Wedding budget.
*Create a timeline.
* Facebook Integration.
*FAQ page for guests.

These are but a few of the features available. Not all free wedding websites offer the same features. You will need to research and see which one is the best fit for you. Some of them offer additional features if you upgrade to a paying plan, but there are many good ones that are free. There is a wealth of free information on many of the sites listed below. Hope you find something that will make your planning days a little less stressful.


May one of these sites help your wedding planning go smoother. That is our intention. There are many free resources out there and we plan to find more of them. Check back often. We will be looking for free giveaways, contests and places that offer free information to make your life easier. If you would like to contribute to this list – please feel free to do so.