Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Freebies for the Bride!

Who doesn’t like giveaways and contests! Lucky Bride Giveaways offers many giveaways all in one place. Read about them, choose the ones that interest you, follow the link & enter. This is a good way to win items that you may need for your wedding, helping with your budget. And you may find new places to shop or an item that you have been searching for in every place you already know.

If you’re planning a wedding, I know you’ve been looking around for ideas the Bridal Tweet forum has valuable, useful information. You can create a profile page, a blog, connect with vendors, search for a venue, and look at pictures of cakes, flowers, or dresses. You may find an item you’re looking for or the answer to a question or problem by joining in or reading the discussions. Posting pictures and videos allows you to share your ideas with others and looking at someone else’s pictures may spark an idea for your wedding.

Take advantage of all the free advice and information available by searching out forums and blogs. The ones I’ve mentioned are not the only ones available – do a google search and you may be surprised what you find.