Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rentals May Help Cut Costs

You’re planning the wedding of your dreams and the budget just went over the top. Some areas are going to have to be cut, but you can’t bear to do without any of your selections! What to do? Carefully review your plans – just to see if maybe, just maybe you can live without something. If the answer is no way! Then you could consider renting some of the items that are necessary to make your dream day come true.

There are many rental companies around. I would recommend comparing prices as some of them offer better bargains than others. Some offer delivery and pick up services for a fee. You may be able to negotiate the fees if you rent many items. You could ask if you will be allowed to pick the items up yourself and return them. This may be an option, if you have a large number of people to help you. You will need to appoint a reliable person to be in charge of this. You should not try to do this yourself, as you and the groom will not have time to deal with this.

Now to some of the items offered by rental companies:

Tents – There are a large variety of tents available in many sizes and styles. Tents for small gatherings to tents for a hundred or more, tents with sides and climate control, open-sided tents – there is a tent available for every need. If you are planning an outdoor event, a tent may be valuable to you as you will not have to worry about the weather ruining your perfect day. A tent is like a giant blank backdrop just waiting to be brought to life with your decorations, ideas and style. Imagine theatrical lighting, stages, dance floors, tables, chairs, linens and china – your personal touch will create a masterpiece. Tents can be transformed into the most elegant of affairs to a western hoedown with hay, denim table clothes and chairs with bandana sashes. Choose a rental place that visits the venue to help you determine which is best for you. If you have the funds in your budget, many of them offer the service of setting up the tent and decorating it for you.

Tables, chairs, linens and china are all available at most of the rental places. Unless you have access to a large number of these items, I would highly recommend renting them. It is much more cost effective to rent than to purchase them and never use them again.

Dance floors and stages are available in a variety of sizes and designs. If you are hiring a disc jockey you may want to check with that company as they also offer dance floors. I would definitely do a price comparison. With some DJ services, they pass a savings to you for purchasing more services. They may be willing to add a dance floor, a frozen drink machine or a karaoke machine – or perhaps offer you a good discount if you purchase these services from them. The best part of getting these items from the DJ service is – they bring the items with them, set them up, take them down and you don’t have to mess with it. But, I would check with the particular service to make sure they offer this as DJ services have different conditions.

Beverage Services – There are a wide array of beverage items available in different sizes and styles. Urns, coffeemakers, cream pitchers, sugar bowls, punch bowls, ladles, water pitchers, wine carafes, tea service sets, 5 gallon hot/cold dispensers and tabletop or floor standing wine coolers may all be found at rental stores. If you need a cocktail bar or cart for your special event, check the rental companies as there are different styles and sizes available. These bars and carts do not include the liquor, setups or bartender.

Reception - Some other items that you may want to consider renting rather than purchasing: champagne fountains, chocolate fountains, ice carving & display bars, cake plateaus, cocktail bars & carts, outdoor lighting, air conditioners or heaters for tents, china, flatware, glassware, serving utensils, serving trays and bowls. Frozen drink machines, dance floors, stages, karaoke machines are available at rental companies and at most DJ services.

Decorations - Arches, chuppahs, candelabras, columns, and votive candles are available as rentals. You may want to comparison shop at your florist for some of these items. Many times people do not think about a florist having rental items, but many of them do and this may be your best bet for some of the items you need.

Cooking - If you need large grills that will hold 40 steaks or 30 chicken halves, look to the rental companies. Many sizes and styles are available from rotisseries, propane grills - to smokers on trailers. You may have to do a bit of calling to find what you need but better than ending up purchasing something you don’t need all the time. Ask about chafing dishes, propane burners/fish cookers and pots, griddles, heat lamps, hot plates and electric roasters.

I know that I haven’t covered all items that are available from rental companies. Check with your local rental companies, florists, and dj's - seek reputable companies - compare prices. There are many ways to shave a bit off of your budget. If you are planning a DIY wedding or looking for a way to cut some expense from your budget this may be an option for you.


raquel roysdon said...

Wow, you have alot of knowledge about this. What wonderful advice.

Liz said...

Wonderful advice!

Delightfully Wed's Weblog said...

Thanks Raquel and Liz for the comments and for stopping by.

The Muse said...

So very very true! Even for events of other "making" (non-weddings) your insight is right on target!