Friday, April 17, 2009

Wedding Dress Contest

Cheap Chic Weddings is running a Wedding Dress Contest. This contest has an unique twist - the dress must be created from toliet paper, tape, and glue. Ripley's Believe It or Not is the sponsor of the Toliet Paper Dress Contest. Cheap Chic Weddings awards 3 prizes: 1st place receives $1000.00, 2nd place receives $500.00, and 3rd place receives $250.00.

All of you creative brides, take a shot at this one for some extra money to spend on your wedding. Go to Cheap Chic Weddings for the contest details and rules.


The Muse said...

LOL...well now...all the husband's in waiting, or the DAD's with checkbooks, should be thrilled about this event! LOL

Cher said... I qualify if I have already been married?! I'd like to get married again! (hehe--) Okay, I won't enter...I'll leave it to all those upcoming brides. BUT, thanks for stopping by, commenting and following! So happy to have you!