Friday, April 10, 2009

Westernize Your Cupcakes

Smaller wedding cakes on each table, mini cakes at each place setting or cupcakes on a tiered server are popular as well as dessert bars. If you are planning a western wedding, have you wondered how to incorporate cupcakes into the theme? I'm sure you don't want to use plain ole cupcakes in your western-themed wedding. I would like to share a few ideas with you.

Keep in mind that I don’t make cakes professionally, but have dabbled in the past. You will need to take the matter up with your baker/decorator to see if the idea is feasible.

*Decorate regular cupcakes with rope-look icing edging. You could include the initial on top to look like a brand.

*Make an icing cowboy hat, saddle or cowboy boot on the top of each cupcake.

*Instead of a tiered holder, use a white enamel plate or platter to hold the cupcakes.

*Make rectangular cupcakes (using mini loaf pans) – decorate to resemble hay bales.

*The cupcake hay bales can be decorated farther by adding icing horseshoes, cowboy hat, etc.

*For a sunflower theme, decorate the top of each cupcake with an icing sunflower. Or you could use silk sunflowers atop each cupcake.

*Use mini sunflower pans to bake the cupcakes.

*Decorate the top of each cupcake with an icing horseshoe or 2 icing horseshoes slightly overlapping.

*For a John Deere country theme cupcake – Ice cupcakes yellow; add the John Deere logo either in icing or by using the plastic picks.

Frost a regular cupcake with your favorite icing – add a chocolate-shaped cowboy hat; cowboy boot; horseshoe, etc. to the top of each cupcake.

I’m sure there are many more ideas for western themed cakes and cupcakes. If you have an idea you would like to share - please feel free to post.

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The Muse said...

Hey gal these are great...I am printing this for the fall hoedown party...!
Cool Ideas! :)