Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Senseless Actions Forever Change Lives

Seems only yesterday that I posted on the blog. But no...I look back and it has been much too long. Life keeps turning, twisting...spiraling at times out of control,
I keep on rolling with it, trying to keep keep up. Things happen...you don't know why...I sit and wonder,if one had made a different choice we wouldn't be faced with this. Sickness, diseases, accidents...seems like my family has had its share lately.

I know that everyone faces these obstacles in life and we will make it through. Some things seem so senseless. Why did someone make the choice to drive while angry & drunk? Don't they realize the lives they forever change. The young teen girls whose mother is taken away while they are much too young. The spouse that is in a daze and cannot grasp the surreal fact that she will never be back. The father that cannot believe he has outlived his daughter...the grandchildren who will never remember their grandmother. People should stop and think before they drink and drive...angry or not. What you do doesn't just affect you...your actions will affect the lives of so many people forever.

Don't be a selfish person, think before you act. Oh, you may say "it was an accident" - maybe so - but it is not an accident if you make the choice to drink and drive. No, you didn't purposely have an accident, but you did purposely take that drink and get behind the wheel. There's nothing wrong with drinking responsibly...but that's the key. Be responsible...stay out of the driver's seat! You're not 10 feet tall and bullet proof...and neither are the people meeting you on the road.

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