Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ten Things to Consider When Choosing a Venue.

1. Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding?
2. If outdoor, does the venue offer a back-up plan for inclement weather, such as an room inside?
3. If outdoor, does the venue provide chairs or do you need to rent them elsewhere?
4. Is the venue large enough to accommodate your guests comfortably?
5. Are tables & chairs provided for the reception or will you need to make other arrangements?
6. Does the venue allow outside catering or do you have to use their food service?
7. If alcohol is being offered - does the venue have this service available or do they allow alcohol on the premises? Are you allowed to provide your own bar/bartender?
8. If it’s an indoor venue and you want a DJ or band – is there enough room for them to set up and the guests to dance?
9. If you want an all night party, you will need to choose a venue that doesn’t want you out by 10:00 pm.
10. Who’s responsible for clean up – the venue or you?

These are some questions you will need to ponder before selecting a venue. The most beautiful, perfect place may not work if it is not large enough or does not have the features that you need. Keep in mind, it is your day and you should have everything you way – but, if it is 100° and you have you heart set on an outdoor wedding your guests may be very uncomfortable. This could cause them to leave early and put an end to the revelry that you have planned. There are ways around this and we will discuss this in another post.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Outdoor weddings (although I have been to four GORGEOUS ones) make me nervous for the couple. We have a lot of rain here in Florida, and you really, REALLY have to have a back up plan. You are SO right.



The Muse said...

All fab!
Of course, you have the talent to make a wedding rock, Ms Wrangler.