Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hope of the New Year

Count down…this is it!
Out with old – in with the new.
The kiss…oh the kiss,
The first of the year.
Tingling all the way to the toes,
My heart is aglow.
Full of friendship, laughter and love,
Cherishing all of the above.
Shouts abound welcoming the New Year.
Champagne corks bursting in air,
Boisterously singing Auld Lang Syne,
Fireworks lighting the midnight sky,
Giving hope to all that pass by.
A new beginning, a new life,
A new slate…fresh and clean,
God has granted us this chance,
Look above and seek His Love,
Guidance and Strength…

Debbie L Wahl


petit said...

Happy new year to you and your family, here's to 2009 with love, health and friendship!

The Muse said...

Love it! Bring it on and Sing it out loud!

My Bizzy World said...

another excellent poem. Thank you.