Friday, January 2, 2009


Fresh as the new fallen snow,
New beginnings offer many places to go.
Should I choose the path already blazed,
or the one twisted as a maze?
The passage lies before me beckoning come,
Luring with a taste of new found freedom.
Unknown territory, ventures galore,
knocking upon my door.
Be brave, be bold...
Who knows what the future holds.
Beginnings, endings, or somewhere in between,
All things are not meant to be seen.
Take a chance with the uncharted way,
This could be your very best day.
Embrace each moment as your last,
Regrets will never cloud the past.


The Muse said...

wrangler gal, you have touched my heart! ride on my friend..ride on!

Anonymous said...

How lovely - I'm impressed. I can't do poetry! Like you though, I'm hoping for a wonderful 2009.

Delightfully Wed's Weblog said...

Thanks, both of you, for the kind words and for encouraging me. I've never written poetry but The Muse has these wonderful games (word games, write the next line, etc.) on her blog - got the ole mind to thinking - lol! I am sure enjoying trying to write. I guess we must "step outside the box" and see what else we can do.

petit said...

I'm glad to "stepped outside the box" and wrote this poem for us! All the best for 2009!

The Muse said...

i luv ya wrangler!