Monday, January 12, 2009

The Muse’s 100th Blog Post Giveaway

Please go by a certain Muse’s page and help her reach her goal of 200 comments. If she reaches 200 by Tues. (tomorrow), she will donate $1000 to the American Cancer Society. This is an organization that I am deeply supportive of as many members of my family have had cancer. My Dad and my father-in-law are cancer survivors. You never know when this dreaded disease may rear its ugly head and change your family member’s life. I think this is a wonderful way for the Muse to celebrate her 100th post – all we have to do is help her celebrate by posting our comments.

I believe she is giving away other prizes, as well. Be sure to visit her blog at and help her out. At the present time the blog you should comment on is the 2nd one down the page and is titled “The Muse 100th Post Reaches For The Stars”.


My Bizzy World said...

I will see what I can do. Have a great week.


Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

Sherrlyn of says...Great thanks for the tip about the Muse. I love her site so much. I'm going to your website now to check it out. I see you are into weddings and I am also! If you go to my website from my blogsite you'll find the wedding stuff. Happy Friday to you!

petit said...

The Muse is great, always giving and full of inspirational words.

The Muse said...

you know you are too sweet ! :)