Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Said Yes....Now the Quest

Down upon bended knee,
My sweetie came to me.
Will you please be my bride,
Yes, I answered with great pride.
He pulled the ring from his pocket,
Shining, shimmering – a token of his love,
The diamond was my favorite,
The one I had dreamt of.
My mind overflowing with happiness,
My energy level is boundless.
We must get busy…make plans,
Where do we begin?
Let’s pick a date, a venue, a dress,
Oh my, I cannot rest!
Should we have a theme,
Or just follow our dream.
Full of ideas my mind is racing,
Around the room I was pacing.
Exhausted I fell into bed,
Tomorrow I’ll search at Delightfully Wed.

Debbie L Wahl


The Muse said...

Oh...they dream of wedded bliss...
and seal the fantasy, with one special KISS!

Oh Wrangler..I cannot say enough to let you know, dear friend how I felt reading what you wrote to me on my 100th post :)

Wranglers aren't supposed to cry~are they???

(thanks so awfully much Deb) xo

The Muse said...

Tear drop ONE...and counting...
(xo ) :) :)