Sunday, May 17, 2009

GIVEAWAY at Thankfully Simple - 50 Handwritten Thank You Notes


Many people are busy these days and can't find the extra time to sit and write out thank you notes. You mean to, you want to and next thing you know...time has past and you are too embarrassed to send them out. Don't let that happen again, there is one company that is willing to help you. Thankfully Simple will do the work for you.

The giveaway is for 50 handwritten thank you notes with handwritten envelopes. This is a $125 value. You may provide your own blank thank you notes or arrange for Thankfully Simple to purchase for you. If you need to send out more than 50 cards, they will apply the giveaway prize ($125) credit to your account.

This is a fantastic giveaway for the person who doesn't have the time it takes to write out handwritten notes. You will be able to thank the person for the thoughtfulness of their gift and acknowledge that you received the gift. No more being embarrassed because you didn't send out your thank you notes.

You may read more about the giveaway at the Thankfully Simple Blog. It is transferable and has no expiration date. You may save it for later, give it away as a gift to a bride or anyone needing thank you notes written.

Hurry on over to and leave a comment to be entered. The drawing is June 1, 2009.

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The Muse said...

Of course you know I love note cards!...
I will buzz over and check it out!